Building bridge

Some note from the class: Bridges & Huts around the World

This week we looked at and learnt the names of different types of bridges (draw bridge, suspension bridge and arch bridge), as well as some of the most well known bridges around the world. The children decided that the draw bridge was their favourite!
We used clay, toothpicks and popsicle sticks to create our own bridges designing different styles and ways of making them stay up as well as adding lots of different features (drawbridge, doors, monsters)
The elephants experimented with 4 different bridges and tested their strength with stones – we talked about which bridges held the most and why, and how we could make the weaker bridges stronger







Tom & Sophie

Sophie, nearly 2, visited Tom’s school this afternoon.

Sophie quickly had a new friend.

A new who wanted to be around with her.

Sophie enjoyed swinging.

A good time to visit The Giving Tree School when it’s snack time.

To Kratié with love

This is my very first one-on-one trip with Tom outside of Phnom Penh.

We went to Kratié, a Mekong river town in the Northeastern part of Cambodia for four nights.

At the riverside, just outside of the Mekong Dolphin Hotel

A visit to a villager on Koh Trong island

On Koh Trong, villagers grow this fruits and sell well.

How do we get to the island from the town? We took a ferry, not actually this boat.

We also climbed up Sambok mountain.

Legoland in Phnom Penh

At Mith Samlanh, lots and lots of Lego toys made accessible to kids.

Tom enjoyed his Lego leisure time on a Saturday morning.

A Legoland in the Cambodian capital? Not yet. At least for now.

It’s quite expensive to get a box of Lego in Phnom Penh.

Tom keeps asking to go there again. 🙂

Taken with iPhone 5s on June 18, 2016